Individual Software

This issue divides both users and software developers in opponent and supporters.

The opponents of individual programming see in the deviation from any Standard too high a risk for the consequences. These Riskquestions are centered around development and maintenance. We ourselves produce standard solutions and are happy if these cover precisely the Customers needs. Then we can make more competitive offers at low-cost and integrate easier when restoring or update.

In many cases, the optimization of business processes is so cost saving and thus something profitable that adjustments or Individual solutions are worth and almost force themselves.

Software solutions are not for eternity! As little as our customers can assume that nothing ever changes in their business processes, any more can we write programs that all eventualities of their Operational area in the future as well. In this flow we see our individual solutions and adjustments. They are constantly updated, altered and even replaced - just as the business and Conditions of our customers change.

Our experience in the development of software products has in the recent years clearly showed that the use of custom software or can offer individualized software far-reaching benefits:

  • Tailored support for mission-critical business processes.
  • Adapting software to the operational requirements (and not vice versa).
  • Easier operation through the elimination of unnecessary dialogue elements.
  • independence of product strategies from large software manufacturers.
  • competitive advantage through agility.

In addition to numerous customization and enhancements that we with and for our ERP customers, we have focused and specialized on the Development of individual solutions.

The technological basis of our ERP systems has been established to rapid adaptability and provides the perfect foundation for development of even very different individual software solutions. These include:

  • Database-Windows applications (on Cara basis)
  • Web-based applications (on Cawa basis) such as:
    • webshop
    • customer information systems
    • Web services
    • B2B portals
    • Industry-specific portals
  • Mobile applications
    • for Mobile Data Terminals for example:
      • warehouse management system for Web-based bar code scanner (on Cawa basis)
      • Mobile meter reading gas and water meters (Windows Mobile, embedded natively in Visual C ++)
    • for mobile phones for example:
      • Mobile time (Windows Mobile native in C #)
      • Mobile Client for Web portals (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android on Cawa-based)
      • ERP-Mobile (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android on Cawa-based)
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