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Software development
CSH was established in 1988. In the early years financial mathematics programs and applications for the insurance industry were created.

Since 1992 the development focuses database solutions for small and medium enterprises. The main product IDEAL managed good and materials, which was gradually extended to the modules of CRM, PPS, and WMS and the ERP system became.

Our inhouse 4-GL CARA script language allows an extremely rapid development and customization of our applications (RAD). It is the foundation of our software architecture in which database access, user dialogues and program control are treated separately from each other (multi-tier architecture and MVC).

Each database is accessed via ANSI SQL. So any SQL Server can be used with our programs without source code changes.

All ERP modules have been developed in close cooperation with our customers. This includes an evolution "from the conference table" and gives practicable results.

Currently more than 4000 employees are working with our program.

In 2008 the successor AWAGIO was specifically designed for use on high performance computers: all the data and its possible evaluations are always available to live.

The current development consistently leads to a web-enabled online ERP system, which is platform independent in the workplace and on the server. Here, initially the focus was on developing in-house tools to implement our ideas. Therefore the CAWA Framework was created in collaboration with the Technical University of Darmstadt, which forms the basis of the system architecture of our new Web applications.

The high technological level of our products, and more than 20 years experience in developing enterprise control software and its implementation, maintenance and expansion in hundreds of different plants are the basis and guarantee for a competent advice to our clients in improving their business processes.

Our ERP software can be used in trading and manufacturing companies. In the manufacturing area, there are installations in the automotive, chemical, electronics, mechanical engineering and plant engineering. We support both serial and by piece production, among other things with functions for external processing, provision of materials, consignment stores, arbitrarily deeply nested lists, etc.

The service contract is in addition to a permanent hotline is also accessible via online quickest help session.

All new modules can always be taken with minimal effort into existing installations. The update contract ensures fast and cost effective integration of new features.

With the employees of our subsidiary, founded in 2000 in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) can customer adjustments achieved favorable.

CSH was founded in 1988 by Dieter Dasberg (Dipl.-Math.). In 1992 Gerald Heyer (Dipl.-Phys.) participated the company. Since 1996, the shareholder Josef Bräuer (Dipl. - Inf) joined the company.

The company has 16 employees in Germany and Romania.
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