IDEAL Enterprise Ressource Planning - ERP - PPS

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IDEAL is an enterprise resource planning system with PPS elements that was developed for small to medium-sized enterprises in trade and production. It features next to extensive functionality in particular by a high degree of flexibility and individual customization. Through the consistent use of the integrated scripting enging CARA Customized requirements can be easily implemented. A number of program parameters already allow a configuration with no further adjustments to the program functions to the realities of your operation.

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IDEAL is modular and consists of a basic version with extensive functionality and various modules that can be purchased separately depending on operational requirements.


  • clearly structured address management with many cross-references
  • Copy function between the types of address customers, suppliers, prospects, employees and other addresses
  • Information on open orders, sales, special prices, open
  • Notes Manager for comments, documents, correspondence manager, sales management and appointments
  • Residue management, residue lists, open purchase orders, payments, etc.
  • Index cards / information sheets, many statistics, etc.


  • Extensive selection options
  • Item description, with long texts, including foreign languages
  • Various inventories of items, e.g. current, bulky and QA inventory
  • Pricing by customer groups and / or quantities
  • Histories, volume and revenue information on buying and selling
  • Shopping evidence, any number of suppliers with price and item number
  • Controlling
  • Serial numbers or batch administration
  • Any number of storage locations


  • BOM management, BOM dissolving by Article
  • Construction contracts by clients or storage-related
  • Plant data collection (PDC)
  • Machines, operations and labor management
  • Pre-and post-calculation
  • Evaluation of machine, personnel and production times
  • Material planning
  • Statistics


  • Storage of goods from orders (including partial deliveries)
  • Goods Receipts from construction contracts
  • Free camp reservations
  • Make Reservations for production orders
  • LStock movement log with product, quantity, date, reason, and clerk
  • Planning and booking of customer and production orders
  • Inventory taking


  • Purchase according ordering
  • Free Orders for the storage facility
  • History of items and suppliers
  • Order Inquiries
  • Collection and processing of supplier invoices
  • Installment management, payment of proposed
  • Administration of release orders
  • DTAUS - ePayment


  • Supply and contract management with numerous cross-references
  • Scheduling and booking options
  • Copy between quotes and orders
  • Credits
  • Processing orders with correction in serial order and storage management
  • Straight delivery document and straight invoice
  • Statistical analysis, daily log, delivery and
  • Invoice list of open orders and many more
  • Full and part delivery
  • Collective invoice
  • Open Postal Administration (OPOS) and Dunning


  • Client-Server Solution
  • High performance
  • Easy to use, with a few buttons
  • Short training
  • Extensive functionality already in the standard version
  • Use the SQL-standard for relational databases
  • ODE data exchange between branch office or field service laptops
  • Specific data access via mask filters in all fields
  • Clear presentation of data in “browsers”
  • Adaptability through flexible program structures
  • User defined configuration
  • List generator to create any list
  • Data output to screen, printer or file (Export function)
  • included CARA scripting language for individual adaptation
  • Fax and e-mail connection
  • Definition of number keys
  • Currency Management
  • Setting up users and grant user privileges
  • Extensive statistics e.g. KeyAccount or BW Status

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