Modern software systems such as our Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, MRP system IDEAL provide superior technical solutions. This is due to the fact that such a system must meet various requirements concerning the operations and processes of companies On the other hand, the IT industry an industry which develops technically near the fastest. Think only about the rapid innovation cycles of today's operating or Office applications.

We therefore always strive to keep our software products on the current state of the art. Finally you want to have a change or update your operating system and your software application should still just as reliable as before.

Nevertheless in real life occur issues and problems for which people like the reliable help recourse by experts. That is why we offer our customers hotline and service contracts , the rapid assistance in solving application problems, or guarantee to answer questions. This help can be given by phone, or we turn ourselves from the outside to the appropriate release by you on any job in your office. For this we use an appropriate online tool with which we can help you quickly and without bureaucracy.
We give you a quotation for such a hotline and service contract. Just call us at or use our contact form.

Our users-products use our specially developed scripting language CARA (Windows) and CAWA (browser). This makes it possible for us to realize quickly and cost-favorable customer-specific Additional requests . We are also happy to advise you - put us to the test.

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